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  ​Meet    like minded people

and  do more  with those around    you.   


Connecting with others

Spontaneous Gatherings

Whether it's a movie night or a game of badminton, people nearby easily showcase their plans & get people with similar interests to join in! 


Stepping outside our
usual circle and routine


 Akshay   is into
 Hiking  as well.

Send Hi!

Let's get out of our usual routines and explore new gatherings, discover new people and get to know each other! With AI, make more friends who share the same passions.


Meet New & Like Minded People


It’s all about connecting with like minded people and expanding our social circles. Meet people  across universities, colleges, and departments!

How it works

1. Attend or host gatherings

Attend gatherings based on your interests (a morning jog, a movie night, a trip to nandi hills, a houseparty - whatever you're into!). Gatherings can be your-college-only, inter college or for everyone. You decide!

2. Meet new people & Socialize!

Skip the awkward stage with super cool ice-breakers. Getting to know new people with Tiluf is smoother than amul butter sliding on a hot parantha! 

3. Do more of what you love with like minded people

Do more of what you like, with people who want to do it too! Why spend our evenings scrolling through reels and shorts when there's a whole world waiting for us out there?

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How Tiluf Changed Lives

Tiluf has made my daily life much more fulfilling. I've discovered people who share my passions. It's probably the only app which has made a profound difference to my life since I moved to Bangalore.




Haven't felt this connected to people around me in ages.



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Personally for me, Tiluf has created a sense of belonging and understanding. The positivity and energy in my everyday life has shifted!



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  A   social    way  of    life  .  


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  Meet    like minded people and  do more   with those around you!

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